CONFERENCE: Technology – What smart security can do for your business.

Technology is pushing boundaries with the latest in smart security reshaping and driving the future of key industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of all sectors and despite the construction and demolition industries’ reputation of being the least digitised, the past year has demonstrated how disruption can be a positive driving force for businesses to adapt attitude and culture to meet with evolving client demands. Most if not all industries have benefited from the implementation of cloud technology, significantly improving collaboration, enabling transformation of business models to the demand in real-time as well as empowering companies to efficiently practice remote working.

Ross Martin, Technical Director at Coubari Ltd is the next conference speaker to be announced for Demo Expo 2021. Ross takes the stage at Demo Expo on 15th September at 3.30pm to provide expert insight on challenges and successes of enhanced technology practices with an overview of lessons learnt from the past year.

In this 20 minute talk, Coubari will highlight how technology has not only revolutionised the working culture of the industry post pandemic but also showcase how critical it is to take proactive steps to address evolving sophisticated technology challenges. Large scale data breaches increased at an unprecedented speed and scale within the past year with approximately 300% increase in only the first quarter of 2020. To tackle the more impactful AI-driven attacks a traditional approach on its own is no longer sustainable. Irrelevant of sector, all businesses need to invest and improve their digital capabilities to be secure and remain relevant. Without sustainable digitisation businesses will not be able to keep up with the fourth technical revolution.

Coubari will also address misconceptions that prevent businesses from fully embracing technology, explore why so many cloud migrations fail, highlight the long-term benefits of an AI strategy, outline critical steps for your business to take to minimise exposure, identify blind spots and define what a new approach to cyber security should look like aligned with the new age of distributed work space.


Ross Martin is an accomplished Technical Director, an effective and motivational team leader with over 17 years extensive experience in planning, executing and delivering bespoke business technology systems and services, strategically aligned with client’s business goals. He has successfully operated at the highest level of professionalism and integrity across multidisciplinary sectors with a specialism in the finance, construction and demolition industry across the UK, Middle East and Asia. He has been working closely with a wealth of diverse clients on both strategic and technical aspects of IT planning to ensure businesses fully exploit the best available technology relevant to their sector and business needs. Ross is exceptionally hands-on in all areas of business from client liaison to service delivery always ensuring a strong technology backbone is built and maintained for client’s optimal business operations. His experience across diverse sectors has enabled him to procure the most specialised technologies unique to certain industries.

Ross’s proactive approach and dedication is key to the Coubari teams’ success in making a positive impact and significant difference to client’s businesses. His leadership inspires the team to work with a business head and an IT heart, building relationships and supporting companies to reshape and align their business models via implementing the best suited innovative technology.