CONFERENCE: Making Safety Count

Demo Expo is pleased to welcome Behavioural Safety Expert, Simon Napier-Munn to the conference speaker line up for 2021.

Compliance is critical, but Safety in the workplace requires much more than a box-ticking exercise. Join Simon on 16th September at 2pm for a 45 minute talk where he’ll highlight the need to go beyond compliance, make safety personal and lead from the top. Here’s a flavour of what to expect from this seminar…

In the summer of 1979 I started my first job as ‘muck man’ on a building site, mixing and shovelling cement, chucking bricks to precariously balanced ‘brickies’ hanging over scaffolding bars, shifting pallets of breeze blocks on tippers with no brakes, and yup, not a sniff of Health and Safety! Just the sun on your back and the occasional cut or bruise, and plenty of banter. But nothing that didn’t toughen up a young lad just out of school. That was life. No safety equipment, no harnesses, no fencing or guarding. Just a dodgy rope-operated external platform lifting the barrow of ‘muck’ to where it was needed, open scaffolding and a series of untethered ladders and boards that were old, splintered and not fit for purpose. And the list could go on!

Fast forward almost half a century, to 2021 and what’s changed? Rules and regulations, safety awareness, PPE, systems, processes and procedures, paperwork, toolbox talks, training, signage, qualifications, published company values and health and safety standards. All good stuff with lots of admin and box ticking! Evolution of a sort.

But we still have injuries, some serious, and unfortunately for others, fatalities. So what still needs to change? Of course the answer is, we do. Our mindsets, our behaviours and our attitudes to safety. But here is the problem, the relationship between human behaviour and safety is a complex matter. It’s not about common sense. If it was we would stand a better chance! So, whose responsibility is safety? Technically it is everybody’s. Everybody should be empowered to be leaders of safety. But that will depend on the emphasis we place on safety and willingness we have to pass the ownership for safety to our workforce by making safety personal.


Simon has over 24 years’ experience in training and development working across organisations from the shop floor workforce and supervisors to senior management teams. He specialises in leadership, management and team development with a particular focus on Behavioural Based Safety and Leadership in the Health & Safety arena.

He has worked with a wide range of industries from manufacturing to FMCG, designing and delivering cultural change programmes in the UK and worldwide. Most recently he has been involved with two behavioural based safety initiatives for international companies with high-risk environments in the manufacturing and specialised metallic production industries.

These, along with his other experiences of working with leaders and teams in the health and safety and more traditional operational environments have given him a unique perspective into the challenges and opportunities for delivering safe and productive operational performance.